The use of abundant renewable resources like starch has been proven to be a low cost and reliable raw material source for industrial production of carbonaceous materials having porosity in the nanometer range. POROUS4APP intends to produce carbonaceous material with well defined porosity and enhanced functionality by using impregnation and sol/gel strategy. This will allow POROUS4APP materials to reach the challenging requirements of state of the art high added value materials at lower cost for applications in energy storage and also in chemical catalysis process. 

Empa is assessing the safety and environmental sustainability of processes and materials developed in this project in comparison with today’s materials used. The aim of this work package is to enable the development of beneficial and competitive nanotechnology based products and to assure their occupational, consumer and environmental safety. With consequential LCA studies, the potential for the reduction in CO2 emissions, of hazardous substances (i.e. of ecotoxicity and human toxicity potentials) as well as further, relevant environmental impacts along the life cycle of each of the application cases will be identified and quantified. Additionally, Empa aims to identify further promising application fields for the here developed, functional nanoporous materials taking into account technical, economic, environmental and safety criteria.


This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Program for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement Number 686163 


Website: www.porous-4app.eu



Roland Hischier

Claudia Som