Bio-inspired Wood Materials

The bio-inspired Wood Materials group headed by Prof. Ingo Burgert is a subgroup of the Applied Wood Materials at Empa Dübendorf coinciding with the chair of Wood Materials  Science at the Institute for Building Materials at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (D-BAUG) of ETH in Zurich.

The chair is subdivided in five research groups:

For more details on individual research projects please refer to the ETH homepage of the chair:

Our research focuses on biomimetic and chemical modification/functionalization of wood and wood based materials. Our goal is to expand the utilization of wood by improving material performance, adding novel functionalities for high-end technical applications as well as using the responsiveness of wood to humidity changes for new architectural elements. Our research is based on in-depth analysis and characterization of physical and chemical mechanisms at the nano-scale and their effect on performance of macro-scale wood elements.