News & Progress

News and progress reports from the GREENsPACK consortium

Media releases:

  • Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR, SRF "Einstein" Episode "Die Batterie der Zukunft", broadcasted in February 2024.
    • "Einstein" critically examines battery research at Empa, focusing on the need for sustainable and safer batteries, as well as their role in recycling.
  • Empa media release on "Cellulose based displays". July 2023.
    • Empa's Cellulose & Wood Materials laboratory has developed a cellulose-based material that allows 3D printing of biodegradable sensors and displays, without the need for pigments.
  • Swiss Federal Council press release "A paper battery with water switch". July 2022.
    • A team of researchers at Empa developed a water-activated disposable paper battery. The researchers suggest that it could be used to power a wide range of low-power, single-use disposable electronics – such as smart labels for tracking objects, environmental sensors and medical diagnostic devices – and minimize their environmental impact.
  • Empa media release on "Shellac for printed circuits". December 2021.
    • Empa researchers propose a new solution for environmentally friendly electronic inks and electronic waste disposal, addressing the issue of expensive metals in printed inks and the high cost of disposing of electronic waste.
  • Empa media release on "Biologically degradable batteries". June 2021.
    • Empa researchers have developed a biodegradable mini-capacitor, combining carbon, cellulose, glycerin, and table salt, to address the environmental impact of increasing microdevices in packaging and transport logistics.

Progress reports:

RFID tag reader and transmitter demonstrator (December 2023)


Biodegradable RFID tag (January 2022)


Manufacturing of electrically conductive ink (January 2021)


Substrate sample ( November 2020)


Simulation of RFID tag (July 2020)