Past and future events from the members of the GREENsPACk consortium.

The members of the GREENsPACK consortium are always keen to share the latest developments of their project with others in the field. They therefore participate in various conferences.

Future conferences:



Past conferences:

  • LOPEC 2024 in march in Munich, where James presented the GREENsPACK project “Eco-friendly wireless sensing tags for smart packaging applications”.

  • GREENsPACK at the Sustainable Plastics in Complex Applications conference at Fachhochschule OST. Gustav and David gave a talk about "Prospects for biopolymers in electronics and sensors" (27.9.2023). Link to the poster, link to the presentation slides.

  • Eurosensors 2023 in september 2023 in Lecce, “Ecoresorbable radio-frequency platform for humidity and temperature sensing”
  • MNE-Eurosensors 2022, in Leuven in september 2022  “Biodegradable materials as sensitive coatings for humidity sensing in S-band microwave frequencies” (Best oral presentation award for James.)
  • 20.03.2022 - 24.03.2022: Xavier Aeby presented "Nanocellulose inks for disposable and printed electronic devices" at the ACS spring meeting, San Diego, USA

  • 20.03.2022 - 24.03.2022: Gustav Nyström presented "Cellulose biohybrid materials with embedded energy and sensing functionalities" at the ACS spring meeting, San Diego, USA