CITUS closes a Convertible Loan of CHF 375 K

CITUS AG, a spin-off from ETH Zurich in Switzerland located at glatec, has secured a 375 K CHF convertible loan to boost its journey to improve skin health. The round, which among others, includes the Health Innovation Hub of University Hospital Zürich and the digital healthcare booster evoleen AG, strengthens CITUS’ expertise in the medical device sector.

CITUS follows the mission of a healthier skin. The skin’s elasticity is a major factor for clinicians and for researchers to decide upon treatment strategies and test efficacies of products. The current solutions, which lack sensitivity and objectivity, is prone to errors thus creating large costs for the healthcare system. CITUS’ solution, NIMBLEeva, provides a reliable, objective and easy-to-use measurement. The team stands for objectivity, individuality and a scientific approach, with the aim of merging knowledge of mechanics and medicine to further advance in healthcare, patient-specific treatment and cosmetics.

The startup has now closed its first convertible loan agreement in a total of CHF 375’000, together with the Health Innovation Hub, the incubator of the University Hospital Zurich with the goal to promote start-ups and entrepreneurship in healthcare by accelerating novel healthcare solutions to improve patient’s lives; the investment department of CADFEM, a software provider active in the medical field; evoleen AG, a venture builder in the field of digital health, that supports global enterprises to build, accelerate and enhance their business; and S2S Ventures, a student-run venture capital fund.