Nanoscale Materials Science

We pioneer the design and fabrication of thin film materials and systems with enhanced properties arising from nanoscale effects. Our work is based on the study of the interplay between the nanoscale composition and structure of our materials and systems with their microscopic and macroscopic physical and chemical properties. Our thus improved understanding then serves as the starting point for the design and development of tools and methods for the fabrication of the materials and systems of interest. For this, and the nanoscale materials characterization, we not only rely on state-of-the-art experimental equipment but also develop our own specialized instruments and methods. In addition, modeling is performed partially in collaboration with scientific partners. We closely collaborate with our industrial colleagues to facilitate the development and transfer of new materials and systems as well as fabrication and analytical tools. 





We perform use-inspired and curiosity-driven research together with academic and industrial partners and offer high-level services and research collaborations to industry. High-level academic research leaders, fixed term scientists, technicians, project-based temporary postdocs, and Ph.D. students perform our research work. Our research work takes advantage from state-of-the-art industrial coating systems, modern commercial and unique home-built analytical equipment.

The lab is structured into three research groups focusing on coatings & tribology, magnetic materials & advanced analytics, molecular surface science, and scientific and technical personal to support instrumentation development and maintenance of home-built equipment.