Smart Materials

Nano- and Quantum-Scale Materials

Our research in nanotechnology to develop novel materials and manufacturing processes results in bold solutions to problems in areas such as energy, the environment and personal health. For example, what are the implications of thin film photovoltaics or of synthetic fuels for a sustainable energy strategy? We also study potential risks for human health and the environment to advance the safety assessment of novel nanomaterials before they reach the market. Moreover, to amplify the echo of nanoscale effects, we are driving their applications-oriented exploitation in collaborative projects with our partners in industry.

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Functional Materials: Advanced Fibers

Empa's research in the development of advanced fibers with new and special properties represents a driver of industrial innovation. The main goal is to deliver safer and more sustainable fibers for numerous everyday applications.

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Functional Materials: High Performance Ceramics

At Empa, advanced ceramics and composites for structural and, increasingly, functional applications are developed to ensure their efficiency and reliability in engineering systems. Our team of experts is optimizing ceramics by means of process engineering methods; the resulting components can be integrated intelligently into diverse applications.