125 years Empa

Empa building technologies feature in «Energy and Buildings»

Oct 24, 2005 | BEAT ASCHWANDEN
«Energy and Buildings» – a professional journal from the Elsevier stable – is devoting its November issue exclusively to subjects of core interest to three Empa laboratories, to celebrate the institution’s 125 years of existence.
The laboratories concerned are Applied Physics in Buildings, Energy Systems/Building Equipment and the Center for Energy and Sustainability in Buildings. The topics covered in the journal articles are the application and operational life of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), the influence of climatic changes on the energy budget of buildings, the 2000W Society, computer fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations of double building façades, the development of a guideline for sustainable building construction, air heating in passive-energy buildings, and building integrated co-generation systems with fuel cells. The task of “Guest Editor”, including writing the editorial, has been taken on by K. Ghazi Wakili.