Robin Mutschler is scientist at the Laboratory of Urban Energy Systems at Empa.

His research interests include

  • The development of methods and models to determine the optimal energy system configuration -and operation from regional to national level
  • Optimal integration of renewable energy conversters such as solar PV and wind turbines to energy systems
  • Integration of the carbon cycle to the energy system. Including Energy-X processes (CSS/CCU).
  • Investigation of the impacts of autarky on an energy system
  • Characterization and implementation of seasonal storage to energy systems
  • Development of platform based desing methods applied to energy system

His current project involvement is

  • Consortium leader and work package leader in the ERA-NET project "Geothermal-based Optimized Energy Systems": GOES which involves seven international partners. Focus on the integration of different scales (from the underground to city scale) of the energy system via the platform based desing approach
  • Project manager of the Net Zero Rheintal project initiated and led by the Amt für Natur und Umwelt Graubünden. Building of an optimized energy system of the Rhine valley with a focus on the heat and carbon flow integration of industry

He has received his PhD in chemical engineering from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). His research topic included the investigation of thermo-catalytic CO2 hydrogenation to synthic methane and other fuels.

He received his bachelor and master degree from ETH Zurich in mechanical energineering. He conducted his master's thesis at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) investigating hydrogen storage material.


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