Functional wood coatings and weathering protection


A sufficient weathering durability as well as an attractive visual appearance of wood coatings are basic requirements for a successful application of wood as a construction material. The  challenge for scientists and researchers is the development of coatings with strongly expanded functionalities to set new standards.


Research interests
  • Functionalized wood surfaces and coatings 
  • Protective surface treatments of wood and wood products 
  • Moisture-related processes in wooden components
  • Service life prediction / Natural and artificial weathering tests
  • Surface characterization (wetting; surface energy; surface tension)
  • Viscoelastic properties of wood, wood components and wood coatings
  • Wood / Technology
  • Wood / Environment / Sustainability
Research projects
  • Expertise and scientific advice on wood surfaces and coatings
  • Expertise and scientific advice on wood technology
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
  • Contact angle measurement; Surface tension
  • Dynamic vapor sorption (DVS)
Expert committee




Scientist / Project leader