Philipp Heer


Deputy Head Urban Energy Systems Lab

Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

Überlandstrasse 129

8600 Dübendorf

Tel +41 58 765 4990


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Philipp Heer is the deputy head of the Urban Energy Systems Lab (UESL) at Empa - an Institute of the ETH Domain and is responsible for the energy and digitalization related research at the Empa demonstrators NEST, move and ehub. He received a BSc from HSLU T&A (2010) and a MSc from ETH Zurich (2013) both in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering and a MAS from ETH Zurich (2018) in Management, Technology, and Economics. His research focusses on developing operational solutions based on data-driven approaches to foster a sustainable energy system.


Professional Background

2020 –             Deputy Head Urban Energy Systems Lab, Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland

2016 –              Head ehub group, Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland

2013 –              Building Control NEST, Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland

2010 – 2013      Scientific researcher, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

2006 – 2007     Electrician, Frey+Cie AG Lucerne, Switzerland


Educational Background


2017 – 2018      ETH MAS MTEC, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

            Thesis: Battery Technology Evaluation and their Distribution Grid Applications

2010 – 2013      ETH MSc Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

            Thesis: Decentralized MPC for smart grid applications

2007 – 2010      HSLU BSc Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

            Thesis: Gestaltung und Implementierung eines Antriebs für ein „Formula Student“ Rennauto

2002 – 2006      Apprenticeship Electrician, Frey+Cie AG Lucerne, Switzerland


Supervision of Students / Postdoctoral Fellows / Scientists

Scientists: C. Derungs, R. Weber (ongoing), M. Fiorentini (ongoing)

PostDocs: H. Cai (ongoing), B. Svetozarevic (ongoing), B. Fumey (ongoing)

PhD Students: M. Hohmann, F. Bünning (ongoing), L. DiNatale (ongoing), V. Behrunani (ongoing)

MSc Students: T. Laaksonlaita, A. Schalbetter, D. Klauser, R. Rajakone, Ch. Baumann, C. Häberling, C. Hächler, B. Huber, D. Budiman, L. Croce, J. Gasser, J. Lungthok, H. Knapp, N. Schmid, Q. Yuan, F. Bellizio


Achievements / Awards

2018             Norman Foster Solar Award Solarpreis, Fitness/Wellness NEST, Solaragentur Schweiz


2017          SIA Award "Umsicht – Regards – Sguardi 2017", NEST – Gemeinsam an der Zukunft bauen, Swiss society of engineers and architects,


2017             Watt d'Or, Special "Transition" award, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Category Transition, NEST – a Lego house expedites innovation,               


2010             Best Student Award in Electrical Systems and Power Electronics, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland


Research Projects

CCEM ideas4cities (2013-2017), BFE L NEST (2013-2018), SCCER JA CEDA (2017-2020), SCCER FEEB&D (2017-2020), SALISC (2018), Innosuisse Twingtec (2018), BFE ECOBATTEM (2018-2019), BFE EcoDynBat (2018-2020), BFE ReMaP (2018-2021), BFE aliunid Feldtest (2019-2020), FOGA K3 (2019-2022), H2020 ECO-Qube (2020-2023), BFE KiG (2020-2021), NCCR Automation (2020-2023), BFE S-DSM (2020-2022), BFE SWEET PATHFNDR (2021-2027), SDSC Euthermo (2021-2023)



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