Sub-Groups (SGs)

After the 1st WG1 meeting in Izola (SI), on 24-25.05.2022, WG1 was organised into four Sub-Groups (SGs):

  • SG Robustness, coordinated by Pedro Palma (Empa, CH) and Maria Felicita (TU Delft, NL)
  • SG Adaptability, coordinated by Lisa Ottenhaus (The University of Queensland, AU), Kristina Kröll (University of Wuppertal, DE), and Felipe Riola-Parada (Hochschule Bremen, DE);
  • SG Design for disassembly and reuse, coordinated by Gerhard Fink (Aalto University, FI) and José Manuel Cabrero (Navarra University, ES);
  • SG Repairability and maintenance, coordianted by Robert Jockwer (Chalmers University, SE).