Dr James Allan is a Scientist at the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa. He is experienced in modelling energy systems and buildings and his research is currently focused on semantic and linked data architectures. Since 2022 he is the thematic lead for Digital Twin research within the lab. In this role, he coordinates research activities related to digital twins. This includes the use and development of digital platforms to integrate and exchange data. James has also been involved in several international communities to develop open-source data models to improve interoperability within the energy modelling sector (CityGML, Linked Building Data Community).

Before joining Empa, he was a Senior Consultant at the Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK. In this role, he developed an annual building stock database to assess the energy performance and health risks for every domestic building in England and Wales. James received his M.Sc. and Dr. Eng. From Brunel University, London and his B.Sc from Nottingham Trent, Nottingham. 

Professional/Academic Experience

2019-Present    Lecturer, Whole Building Simulation, ETH, Zürich, Switzerland

2018-Present    Postdoc/Scientist, UESL Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland

2016-2018        Consultant/Senior Consultant Building Research Establishment, UK

2010-2014        Research Engineer, ChapmanBDSP, London, UK   


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