The complete book of abstracts can be found here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

17:00        Pre-conference networking

                 Exploring the Gather.Town environment

19:00        End of Day 1

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

08:30          Gather.Town Opens

09:00          Welcome
                    Wim Malfait, Empa, Switzerland
                    Matthias Koebel, siloxene, Switzerland

09:15          Production and processes
09:15          Irina Smirnova, TUHH, Germany -- Production of aerogels in form of microparticles: an overview and latest developments
09:40          Shanyu Zhao, Empa, Switzerland -- 3D Printing of Aerogels
10:00          Supan Yodyingyong, Thilium, Thailand -- A Method for Producing a Micron-Size Spherical Silica Aerogel
10:20          Miguel Vazquez-Pufleau, IMDEA, Spain -- Continuous Synthesis of 1-D Nanostructures via Floating Catalyst


10:40          Coffee break


11:00          Product development and integration
11:00          Stephan Moeller, Armacell, Germany -- Unique technology opportunities utilizing ambient pressure dried aerogel materials
11:20          Jannis Wernery, Empa, Switzerland -- Aerogel applications in the building sector
11:40          Hasina Begum, U. Sheffield, UK -- Acoustical properties of TEOS based granular silica aerogels


12:00          Lunch


13:30          Poster session


15:00          Processes and aerogel quality II/II
15:00          Gudrun Reichenauer, ZAE Bayern, Germany -- Approaches to reliable measurement of thermal conductivities of aerogels
15:20          Yannick Nagel, Empa, Switzerland -- 3D printing of strong and thermally insulating nanocellulose aerogels


15:40          Coffee break


16:00          Start-ups and emerging industries I/II
16:00          Francisco Ruiz, KEEY Aerogel, France
16:20          Brice Fiorentino, Enersens, France -- The Ultimate Thermal Management Solution To Optimise Battery Safety And Performance of Electric Vehicles
16:40          Raman Subrahmanyam, Aerogelex, Germany -- Aerogelex


17:00          Networking opportunities

18:00          End of Day 2

Thursday, July 15, 2021

08:30          Registration

09:00          Start-ups and emerging industries II/II
09:00          Masa Yamaji, TIEM Factory, Japan -- A Glimpse of the Future: Peeking through the Lens of “SUFA”
09:20          Sam Cryer, Thermulon, UK -- How to start an aerogel company
09:40          Elmira Soghrati, Krosslinker, Singapore -- Aerogel Composites, en route to becoming the new norm in industrial insulation applications
10:00          Ioannis Michaloudis, NCSR "Demokritos", Athens -- U(rano)topia: Spectral Skies and Rainbow Holograms for Silica Aerogel Artworks

10:20          Coffee Break

10:40          Applications and markets I/III
10:40          Carlos García-González, U. Santiago, Spain -- Biomedical Applications of Aerogels
11:05          Charlotte Heinrich, DLR, Germany -- How aerogel additives can significantly improve the casting process in foundry applications
11:25          Lizeth Tinoco Navarro, Brno U.o.T, Czech Republic -- Effects of Organic acid donors on the phase transition and the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 Xerogels
11:45          Isaac Benito-González, IATA-CSIC, Spain -- PLA coating improves the performance of renewable adsorbent pads based on cellulosic aerogels from aquatic waste biomass

12:05          Lunch

13:30          Applications and markets II/III
13:30          Rémy Poupot, INSERM, France -- Rehabilitating the immune system with multivalent macromolecules to resolve inflammation
13:50          Tony Eisenhut, Novasterilis, USA -- Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: A Terminal Sterilization Solution for Hydrolytically and Thermally Sensitive Materials

14:10          Round Table


14:50          Coffee Break

15:20          Applications and markets III/III
15:20          Ákos Lakatos, U. Debrecen, Hungary -- Systematic research results of fibrous aerogel insulation
15:40          Mike O’Connor, Orlanna, France
16:00          Sebastian von Stauffenberg, AGI, Switzerland -- Innovation projects with aerogel in Switzerland

16:20          Closing remarks
17:00          Aerogel Architecture Award 2021
17:00          Award ceremony and reception