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Measuring blood sugar without taking any blood20 January 2015
Light replaces the needle

Empa and the University Hospital Zurich have joined forces to develop a sensor that gages the blood sugar through skin contact. And best of all: No blood samples are necessary, not even to calibrate the sensor. “Glucolight” is initially to be used in premature babies to avoid hypoglycemia and subsequent brain damage. 
Teamwork with the University of Applied Arts Vienna15 January 2015
Sound masterpiece with an Empa heart

For his latest sound masterpiece, Belgian artist Aernoudt Jacobs turned to Empa technology. It will be on display at the Vienna gallery IM ERSTEN from January 28, 2015. Inside the artwork, there is a membrane made of electroactive polymers, also dubbed “artificial muscles”, which simultaneously generates reflections and sounds.
Environmentally friendly coating for aircraft furniture9 January 2015
Flame protection for the jet set

A new coating protects business jet interiors against fire. Not only is the agent more environmentally friendly than before; it can also be applied more quickly. This new coating could also be used in textiles and wood-based furnishing and architectural systems.
EmpaNews 47 published23 December 2014
Focus: Graphene – the material dreams are made of

Using adhesive tape and graphite as it is found in pencil lead, two physicists proved that graphene, the “miracle material of the future”, actually exists – and won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work only a few years later. Scientists are also researching the properties of graphene at Empa. For instance, they are investigating how molecules can be used to produce well-defined graphene nanostructures that could one day serve as electronic components. Focus-theme: Graphene.

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