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«Power-to-Gas» Technology Briefing2 March 2015
Key energy of the future

Our energy supplies are in a state of fundamental flux, the primary challenges being to reduce our CO2 emissions and to move from fossil and nuclear energy sources to renewables. The automobile industry is, of course, also involved in this metamorphosis – in addition to the introduction of vehicles with new power trains, the supply of the appropriate fuels for them is of vital importance. Recently at Empa representatives from the political and financial fields, as well as the automobile industry and various areas of research showed how these challenges might be tackled
Technology Briefing on "Critical Materials"23 February 2015
Are we independent of rare metals?

Numerous metallic elements are regarded as "critical": on one hand, they play an ever more important role in so-called future technologies and on the other, there is a high risk of supply bottlenecks. Small and medium-sized companies are also affected by this, and they are often not sure which of these materials they are dependent on. At a "Technology Briefing" at Empa, strategies for the sustainable use of critical materials were presented and discussed.

A portrait12 February 2015
«The energy future won’t happen by itself»

Urs Elber, Managing Director of Empa's Research Focus Area «Energy», explains how the energy supply will change in the years to come and how Empa supports this transformation.

Empa appoints «Distinguished Senior Researchers»29 January 2015
A passion for research

«Empa ambassadors» – this is the unofficial title for two of Empa's researchers. Karl-Heinz Ernst and Oliver Gröning were recently appointed as «Distinguished Senior Researchers». That is why both researchers will each be giving a promotional lecture to Empa in Dübendorf in the coming weeks, providing insights into their specialist areas.
Measuring blood sugar without taking any blood20 January 2015
Light replaces the needle

Empa and the University Hospital Zurich have joined forces to develop a sensor that gages the blood sugar through skin contact. And best of all: No blood samples are necessary, not even to calibrate the sensor. “Glucolight” is initially to be used in premature babies to avoid hypoglycemia and subsequent brain damage. 
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