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Big step in the exploration of alternative energy storage18 march 2014
Antimony nanocrystals for batteries

Researchers from Empa and ETH Zurich have succeeded for the first time to produce uniform antimony nanocrystals. Tested as components of laboratory batteries, these are able to store a large number of both lithium and sodium ions. These nanomaterials operate with high rate and may eventually be used as alternative anode materials in future high-energy-density batteries.
First step towards “programmable materials“March 5, 2014
Sheet metal that never rattles

Researchers from Empa and ETH Zurich have succeeded in producing a prototype of a vibration-damping material that could change the world of mechanics forever. The material of the future is not only able to damp vibrations completely; it can also specifically conduct certain frequencies further.  
Concerns about future European research cooperation19 February 2014
Empa supports Open Letter to Swiss government

In the wake of the recent vote to reject the agreement between Switzerland and the EU on the free movement of persons, Swiss universities have drafted an Open Letter to the Federal Council asking the country’s government to do its utmost to ensure that Switzerland remains a full member of the EU’s «Horizon 2020» and «Erasmus+» programs. Empa fully supports this appeal.
Technology Briefing on «Functional Coatings»5th February 2014
Functional Coatings in Industry and Research

The Technology Briefing on the topic of «Functional Coatings for Innovative Applications» recently held at Empa was dedicated to the numerous applications of a wide range of coatings and surfaces. Just how multifaceted these applications can be was demonstrated by diverse companies which presented their activities in this area. Empa's planned «Swiss Coating Centre», which is intended to accelerate technology transfer between research and industry in this field (which is of vital importance for Switzerland) was also introduced.
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