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Empa researchers optimize diesel cat29 September 2015
Diesel exhaust gases without any nitric oxides – is that possible?

The scandal surrounding VW has thrust nitric oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles into the limelight. Owing to the different engine technologies, these have always been higher than in gasoline-powered cars. On the other hand, diesel consumes less fuel. If a way can be found to “denitrify” diesel emissions efficiently, we would have an economical, clean engine. Empa researchers are thus working hard on optimizing the catalytic converter technology for diesel.
Personnel25 September 2015
Alex Dommann appointed to Empa’s Board of Directors

On application of the Director of Empa, Professor Gian-Luca Bona, the ETH Board appointed Dr Alex Dommann (*1958) as the new member of the General Management as from 1 October 2015.
Using body heat to keep a shelter warm24 September 2015
A "magic tent" for mountaineers

In collaboration with the start-up "Polarmond", scientists at Empa developed an «all-in-one» shelter system. Inside the shelter conditions remain comfortable whatever the weather outdoors, thanks to a sophisticated dehumidifying system and a fine-tuned temperature control mechanism.
Focus Atmosphere18 August 2015
Anesthetics in Antarctica

Inhalation anesthetics, so-called fluranes, are widely used during surgery. Just how much of these strong greenhouse gases is produced worldwide remains a mystery; industry is keeping its cards close to its chest.

EmpaNewsletter No 25 published. Edition August 2015 main topic: «Unconventional Ideas»

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