Conference Location

The conference will take place at the Empa-Akademie. Empa is conveniently located between Zürich airport and Zürich city centre. Fast and frequent direct tramway connections bring you from Zürich airport to the venue without having to enter Zürich city. The easiest way is to take tram no 12 with direction 'Stettbach' (light blue number) from the bus/tram terminal at ZRH airport. After approximately 20 minutes you have to leave at station 'Dübendorf, Giessen', which is close to the Empa Akademie

From Zürich downtown, frequent suburban trains travel to either Stettbach (S3,S9,S12) or Dübendorf (S9,S14). From Stettbach, you can take tram 12 to 'Dübendorf, Giessen', or bus 760 to 'Empa', from where the meeting location can be reached after a short walk. The meeting venue can also be reached by walking (10 min) from the Dübendorf train station.



A hotel list can be downloaded over the link below or explore the website of Zürich Tourism if you prefer to stay in Zürich (

Hotel list

Visa Regulations for Switzerland

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