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Conference EMPA-VA-2010-01-10-01-en 12. January 2010
January 10, 2010 untilDielectric Elastomer Transducers
January 16, 2010 
 PhD Winterschool
Speakers: see program
Audience: PhD students, researchers and engineers in the fields of actuator technology, polymer physics, material science, control system and device fabrication.
Venue: Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland
Deadline: December 24, 2009
Details:   Program
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In the last decade the interest for “smart materials”, which respond to external stimuli by changing their shape or size, has increased. Besides the more classical approaches new materials including hydrogels, electro active-, shape memory- and conducting polymers as well as carbon nanotubes and ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers have been investigated.

Dielectric elastomer (DE) transducers technology represents the main topic of the Winterschool 2010.


Dr Gabor Kovacs
Phone: +41 44 823 40 63

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