Environmental Acoustics

The field of environmental acoustics covers all sorts of outdoor noise, from primarily technical noise sources such as traffic noise, industrial noise or wind turbines to noise sources such as sports grounds, restaurants and clubs, where human beings are in general the prime generators of the noise.
Our understanding of noise generation, radiation and propagation phenomena and our measurement and signal analysis capabilities enable us to evaluate and optimize practical noise situations and to develop predictive computer models. These calculation methods include reference models which are based on wave theoretical sound field simulations as well as software engineering models such as sonRoad, sonRAIL, sonARMS or sonAIR for the prediction of sound exposure level of the most significant noise sources. In order to evaluate the effect of sound on humans we conduct psychoacoustic experiments during which recordings of acoustic situations or a synthetic auralization of noise sources are used.
Competences in the field of environmental acoustics
Dr. Reto Pieren

Dr. Reto Pieren
Head of Group Environmental Acoustics

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Dr. Kurt Heutschi

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Dr. Beat Schäffer

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