Building Acoustics

In the Building Acoustics Module we focus on the research in the field of sound and vibration transmission into buildings from outside and within the buildings themselves.

Experimental and numerical research aims at understanding the underlying mechanisms in sound and vibration transmission in the built environment and at developing new methods for measuring and predicting sound transmission between rooms and within the buildings.

Special emphasis is put on the investigation of lightweight civil engineering structures. For this purpose the Laboratory for Acoustics & Noise Control and the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering of the Bern University of Applied Sciences have jointly realized a research platform in Duebendorf dedicated to the investigation and study of lightweight structural assemblies. This unique research facility is used to determine the acoustic performance of lightweight civil engineering structures on a real scale and in a multi-room, multi-story experimental set-up.

The Room Acoustics team deals with sound propagation in rooms. Class rooms, theatres, concert halls and churches should ideally possess good musical acoustics and allow speakers to be clearly heard. To achieve this, the best possible conditions for the propagation of the sound of speech and of musical instruments to the audience must be created. In addition, however, one must not forget the importance of the acoustic conditions in rooms used in everyday life such as restaurants, foyers and living areas.

Kurt Eggenschwiler

Kurt Eggenschwiler
Head of Lab

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