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My educational and research experiences are based on my study of industrial engineering and management (focus subject process engineering and production logistics) at the University of Bremen., Germany. Additionally, my phD thesis focused on the prospective release and exposure assessment of selected nanomaterials in which I developed an approach to facilitate a preliminary material flow analysis in an early developmental stage of products that can be used as a first tier environmental risk assessment to identify low risk product design alternatives. The methods that I have used were for example tools such as bilbliometric analysis to identify upcoming products, material flow analysis to determine amounts of environmental release and scenario techniques to deal with the high uncertainties that are specific for preliminary assessments. Besides my phD, I worked in several German and European projects that dealt with innovation and technology assessment of synthetic biology, design of resilient energy systems as well as prospective life cycle assessment studies of nano-enabled products. My current work is embedded in the Horizon2020 project caLIBRAte with focus on the improvement of environmental risk assessment tools such as the probabilistic material flow analysis and probabilistic species sensitivity distribution for future environmental risk assessments.




Research interests

Environmental risk assessment

Life cycle assessment

Innovation and technology assessment

Technology foresight

Emerging pollutants

Sustainable innovation








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