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I am a French postdoctoral researcher at Empa in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where I am part of Bernd Nowack’s team in the Technology and Society Lab. I work full time within WP4 of the NanoFASE project. My goal is to provide a model for estimating the releases of engineered nanomaterials from the different stages of their life cycle (production, manufacturing, use, end-of-life) to air, water and soil in each European country. Special emphasis is placed on the recycling flows, which present high uncertainties in the current state of knowledge. To consider these uncertainties, the model developed includes probabilistic and stochastic features. The end result will provide the masses and forms (matrix-embedded, nanoparticulate, transformed and dissolved) in which engineered nanomaterials are released from each stage of their life cycle to the environment. This will considerably improve the dataset used in ENM fate modelling, ecotoxicity assessment and risk and impact assessment.


Research interests:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment

  • Life Cycle Assessment

  • Releases of engineered nanomaterials to the environment

  • Fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in air, water, sediment and soil

  • Probabilistic flow modelling



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