Satellite remote sensing of nitrogen dioxide

Building on KNMI's DOMINO product (Boersma et al. 2007), Empa has developed a new OMI NO2 data set for Europe, EOMINO, which uses high temporal and spatial resolution MODIS surface reflectance data taking into account anisotropic surface reflectance (BRDF) effects (Zhou et al. 2010). Further changes include a better treatment of surface elevation (Zhou et al. 2009) and the online computation of box airmass factors with LIDORT instead of using a pre-computed lookup table. Cloud fractions and cloud pressures have been recomputed with the new surface reflectance data. However, no attempt has been made to correct for the problem of stipes in the OMI slant columns. Our work has motivated several improvements to KNMI's operational OMI NO2 product (Boersma et al., 2011).
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