Urban Mining of Electronic Waste (EU project within HORIZON2020 "PROSUM")

Quantitative determination of major elements beside ultra-trace elements in electronic waste such as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is of economic as well as environmental importance. Data on primary and secondary raw materials are available in Europe, but scattered amongst a variety of institutions including government agencies, universities, NGOs and industry. By establishing an EU Information Network (EUIN), the project will coordinate efforts to collect secondary CRM data and generate maps of stocks and flows for materials and products of the “urban mine”.

The development and deployment of consistent advanced analytical methods for the determination of traces and ultra traces of raw materials such as rare earth elements (REE) and more is necessary for the creation of the database. Main modules addressed in our group:

  • Sample preparation procedures by different mill-steps such as shredder
  • Pre analysis information’s by x-Ray fluorescence spectrometry (WD-XRF)
  • Sample digestion by microwave oder high pressure asher (HPA) assisted
  • Element measurement’s (ppm-%) by optical inductively coupled plasma spectrometry (ICP-OES)
  • Element measurement’s (ppb-ppm) by inductively coupled mass spectrometry (QQQ-ICP-MS) with different reaction modes such as O2, H2, NH3 and He