Contract Chemical Analysis

Our laboratory is fully equipped to carry out research on a wide range of inorganic and organic chemical methods on advanced materials and industrial ones. Our contract chemical analytics is oriented towards non-routine "analytical cases", i.e. with a unique enabling relevance. For routine cases we recommend to contact private analytical laboratories (see


Excellence in chemical data collection

Our analytical chemical service is focused on developing/advancing analytical methods. Hence, we take care of the task of developing/innovating a customized analytical method for your chemical process, with the aim to transfer such enabling method to your activity, e.g. industry, government, NGO, academia, etc.

Here a few examples:

  • Failure analysis and corrosion
  • Environmental and toxicology
  • Electronic waste and urban mining
  • Construction or industrial materials
  • Battery or energy components
  • Thin Films
  • Space-resolved microanalysis
  • Cultural heritage authenticity or sourcing


PD Dr. Davide Bleiner

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner
Head of Division Advanced Analytical Technologies (502)

Group Leader Instrumental Chemical Analysis

Phone: +41 58 765 4934