Jonathan Avaro
Research interests

My research orbits around the description of nanoscopic processes involved in the first step of a mineral formation called nucleation. To describe such fast and nanoscopic processes, I have specialised as an experimental scientist focusing on the development and use of thermodynamic, kinetic and physical characterisation using X-ray and neutron-based methods such as Small-Angle Scattering on laboratory sources and large-scale facilities.

Within Empa, my work focuses on supporting scientists in characterising nanoscopic processes, developing new analytical tools and expertise within the Scattering Laboratory. Additionally, combining the different expertise within Empa, my goal is to correlate material science and nucleation to template nucleation of inorganic and organic phases on polymeric structure, allowing for the spatial tunability of the mechanical response and enhanced strength. Such work has direct appications in biomimetic, drug delivery systems, tooth repair or nano-medecine for MRI imaging and biological tissue characterisation.


Scientific expertise
  • Spectroscopy: (GI)-SAXS, SANS,  EXAFS, UV/VIS, ATR-FTIR, Raman, AAS.
  • Thermodynamic: Titration, ITC, TGA-DSC
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