High Energy X-ray Imaging

Are you interested why your component broke, how to measure the geometry of your sample accurately or how your product changed after intense operation? All these questions can be addressed with X-ray computed tomography.

The CT systems available at the Center for X-ray Analytics permit the inspection of samples from micrometer to meter scale with a resolution down to one micron for smaller samples. We offer X-ray absorption imaging techniques (radiography and computed tomography) for industrial partners and support them in advancing their development projects or enhancing the capabilities of their production.


Typical applications are failure analysis in broken appliances to identify defects non-destructively, 3D modelling of structures, metrology for first article inspection, and the monitoring of dynamical processes (changes in industrial products during their lifetime). Our specialty is to support the project partners in all phases of the testing process: we help to define testing procedures, we build new experimental setups and protocols to enable an effective and cost-efficient investigation, perform the tests and support their validation.

X-ray radiography scan of EURECA (European Retrievable Carrier)