Vertical hetero-structures for organic electronics

The Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory (EMPA Dübendorf) is looking for motivated students with background in physics, material science, electrical engineering or related fields for master thesis projects on organic electronics in micro- and nano-scale devices.
Electronic components operating at high frequencies are essential for a wide range of interesting ap-plications involving wireless communication and data processing. Organic semiconductors have already proven their potential for the implementation of cheap, flexible and wearable electronic devices. How-ever, their low mobility relegates such devices to low-frequency applications. 
In this project, we investigate layered hetero-structures integrating 2D materials and thin films of organ-ic semiconductors with the potential to operate at several tens of MHz. The student will be able to fab-ricate and analyze vertical hetero-structures made of graphene, organic and metallic thin films. De-pending on the applicant background and interests, the work may include:
  • Thermal evaporation of organic and metallic thin-films
  • Transfer of CVD graphene on organic / inorganic substrates
  • SEM / AFM / Raman spectroscopy
  • Electrical measurements (IV characterization / impedance analysis) 

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