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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces


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Kochetkova, T.; Braun, O.; Overbeck, J.; Peruzzi, C.; Maurya, A.; Michler, J.; Calame, M.; Neels, A.; Zysset, P.; Schwiedrzik, J. Polarized raman rpectroscopy as a method for quantitative analysis of bone fibril orientation. Presented at the Empa PhD students' symposium, St. Gallen, Switzerland, November 28, 2019.
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Krieg, F.; Ong, Q. K.; Burian, M.; Rainò, G.; Naumenko, D.; Amenitsch, H.; Süess, A.; Grotevent, M.; Krumeich, F.; Bodnarchuk, M. I.; et al. Stable ultra-concentrated and ultra-dilute colloids of CsPbX3 (X=Cl, Br) nanocrystals using natural lecithin as a capping ligand. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019.
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González-Castaño, M.; Cancellieri, C.; Maeder, X.; Hack, E.; Schmutz, P. Enhancing the insulating and dielectric properties of barrier anodic Al2O3 on high purity aluminum. Appl. Surf. Sci. 2019.
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Anantharaman, S. B.; Strassel, K.; Diethelm, M.; Gubicza, A.; Hack, E.; Hany, R.; Nüesch, F. A.; Heier, J. Exploiting supramolecular assemblies for filterless ultra-narrowband organic photodetectors with inkjet fabrication capability. J. Mater. Chem. C 2019, 7, 14639 (12 pp.).
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Jacob, P. Leitfähig-Ableitfähig-Isolierend: Was zur Vermeidung harter Entladungen von Bedeutung ist. In Tagungsband 16. ESD-Forum 2019, presented at the 16. ESD-Forum 2019, Dresden, Deutschland, Oktober 21-23, 2019; Gottschalk, A., Ed.; ESD Forum e.V.: Nördlingen, 2019; pp 65-71.
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