Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

Synaptic transistors with aluminum oxide dielectrics enabling full audio frequency range signal processing

Bolat S, Torres Sevilla G, Mancinelli A, Gilshtein E, Sastre J, Cabas Vidani A, Bachmann D, Shorubalko I, Briand D, Tiwari AN & Romanyuk YE

Scientific Reports, 10, 16664 (8 pp.). (2020)

The rapid evolution of the neuromorphic computing stimulates the search for novel brain-inspired electronic devices. Synaptic transistors are three-terminal devices that can mimic the chemical synapses while consuming low power, whereby an insulating dielectric layer physically separates output and input signals from each other. Appropriate choice of the dielectric is crucial in achieving a wide range of operation frequencies in these devices. Here we report synaptic transistors with printed aluminum oxide dielectrics, improving the operation frequency of solution-processed synaptic transistors by almost two orders of magnitude to 50 kHz. Fabricated devices, yielding synaptic response for all audio frequencies (20 Hz to 20 kHz), are employed in an acoustic response system to show the potential for future research in neuro-acoustic signal processing with printed oxide electronics.