Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

May 03, 2021 Welcome to Patrik ! =)

Dr. Patrik Rohner joins the lab to establish electrohydrodynamic nanoprinting @EMPA in a collaborative effort of EMPA and ETHZ (Prof. Maksym Kovalenko).

I am a Swiss nanofabrication engineer. I studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich from BSc to PhD. During my PhD, I built nanoscale gold walls and fluorescent nanocrystal assemblies by electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing, a unique fabrication technology developed in the lab of Prof. Dimos Poulikakos. 
At EMPA, I will set up a versatile EHD nanoprinting system to share this technology to a broader user group, enabling device prototyping at the Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory with Ivan Shorubalko, supported by printing materials made at the lab of Prof. Maksym Kovalenko (ETHZ D-CHAB and EMPA).