Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

June 8, 2023 Welcome to Pablo

Welcome to Pablo Bastante from IFIMAC and ICMM-CSIC! He will spend rest of the year with us as academic guest :-)

I studied for my Bachelor in Physics at UAM in Madrid, during which I did an internship at Ciemat about graphene-based materials for hydrogen storage, and I joined the Condensed Matter Physics department of the university for the last year to work on thermoelectric properties of single-molecule junctions. After my master's in nanophysics, I moved to TUDelft for a research stay to work on the fabrication and characterization of layered superconducting materials-based devices for quantum technologies. Then I moved back to Madrid to start my PhD at IFIMAC and ICMM-CSIC about electric and heat transport, thermoelectricity and optoelectronics in molecular junctions and atomically thin crystals.

Here at Empa, I will work in the Quantum Devices group, part of the Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Lab, on electroluminescence from graphene nanoribbon-based field effect transistors and quantum dots in twisted bilayer graphene.