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April 25, 2023 Congratulations to Nick & Sofie

Congratulations to Sofie and Nick for receiving the "excellent" rating for their project on plastic separation using terahertz radiation at the 57th National Competition of Swiss Youth in Science! 

The expert Gregory Gäumann praised their work: "To achieve their goal, Nick Cáceres and Sofie Gnannt proceeded very purposefully and structured. The two aspiring physics lab technicians have demonstrated both experimental skill in the laboratory as well as a lot of talent in implementing algorithms. They have taught themselves a lot of knowledge in the field of machine learning and successfully put it into practice. Through their project, dedicated teamwork, and high motivation, the two have shown how technology transfer from science to society can be successfully realized. Congratulations!"

In addition, they have won the special prize MILSET Expo-Sciences International, and they are invited to attend this youth research conference in Mexico (MILSET Expo-Sciences International (ESI) 2023) in October. This special prize is sponsored by the Metrohm Foundation.