Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Since October 2016, the lab is focusing on nanoscale transport phenomena and the Nanoscale Hybrid Electronic Systems group at the University of Basel is transferring its activities within the lab.

Research and competences

  • Hybrid Nanoscale Interfaces:  Exploration of the electrical and optical properties of devices containing atomically precise structures with sizes reaching typically only a few nanometers.
  • Micro- and nanostructures:  Micro- and nanostructuring of mechanical, electronic and photonic materials and devices, e.g. with laser ablation, Ga-FIB, He-FIB, HR-SEM.
  • Measurement technology:  optical, tera-hertz (THz), ultrasound (UT), infra-red (IR), image processing and analysis as well as electrical, mechanical, optical and thermal measurements.
  • Reliability and safety:  Dependability, reliability, availability, lifetime, degradation and failure analysis as well as reliability and environmental testing of materials, devices, and systems, including micro- and nano- electronics and –photonics, as well as electrical equipment, power electronics, and energy conversion and storage systems.

We also offer R&D support (consulting, assessments, investigations, measurements, testing) for domestic economy and industry (ICT, electrical and mechanical industry, medtech, aerospace), research institutes (ETHs, Universities, etc.) and public authorities (international, federal, cantonal, local).


Recent news
March 17, 2017
We congratulate Anton Vladyka to his succuessful PhD-defense!
February 27, 2017
We congratulate Pascal Butti to his succuessful PhD-defense!
  February 1, 2017
We are happy to welcome two new postdocs (Dr. Mathias Wipf and Dr. Mickaël Perrin) in our group.
December 1, 2016
We congratulate Matthias Grotevent for getting the ETH-medal for an outstanding master thesis.