Energy Systems Impact

Changes in the energy system will no longer be controlled centrally in future, but changes will take place at the local level: with new market participants and value chains which differ from those of the network operators or even conflict with them. With its research platforms and demonstrators in the building, mobility, and energy sectors, Empa wants to provide a relevant and integrated contribution to society, industry, and legislators in the field of energy systems.

The Energy Systems Impact group aims to gain new insights into the future configuration of the energy system by using the infrastructure of the demonstrators on the Empa site: NEST, move, and ehub. In particular, in addition to the existing research on single systems, the latter's system integration will be explored. The aim is to create new and verified findings in the field of energy systems, which can serve as a decision-making basis for partners from industry, research, and the public sector.

The quantity of data (big data) generated for this purpose or obtained from energy companies must be properly managed and processed, the demonstrators must be operated with a research-oriented approach, and the findings must be edited appropriately for the target groups. The research questions focus on the new possibilities offered by progressive, networked, local technologies.

The research activities of the Energy Systems Impact group are divided into two areas: