In contrast to other fuel cell technologies, SOFCs can use not only hydrogen but also methane (CH4). That is a key advantage because well-developed natural gas distribution already exists. The project HyMe is connected to the hydrogen grid between move and NEST. Within the NEST, H2 is mixed with natural gas in order to simulate a local natural gas grid with H2 feed. Such a solar-fuel can then be efficiently utilized within the installed HEXIS fuel cell system.

In the HEXIS-GALILEO system hydrogen can currently be applied with a H2/CH4 ratio of up to 1: 20 (5 % hydrogen). The goal is to modify with the partner their state of the art fuel cell system, the follow up system for a use of H2/CH4 ratios up to 1:4 (20 % hydrogen).

Another part of the HyMe project will be dedicated to the analysis of fuel reforming catalysis involving fuels with higher H2 content. This will be externally assessed by experimental and theoretical lab work. A second part will focus on the monitoring of the input / output data of the modified system during operation under real conditions – draw the energy balance within the NEST environment. As internal reforming processes will be more efficient based on hydrogen rich fuels, an increased efficiency and power output is expected. 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Graule

Prof. Dr. Thomas Graule

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