Bottom-up Technology Assessment

From top-down developments to bottom-up changes at the local level

The electric vehicle manufacturer that installs the private e-filling station itself and supplies the energy. The IT company pushing its way into the control energy market with independent control of heat. The US car manufacturer offering its battery products in the home environment at a third of the usual price. Or the new-economy players, who, with detailed knowledge of the users, provide innumerable services that are completely detached from the energy provider, and who develop operating concepts in the energy sector. There are many examples of so-called bottom-up developments that have effects on the entire energy system.

There are also new individual technologies for heat storage, energy conversion, mobility, and many other sectors. It is therefore extremely interesting to find out how far these bottom-up developments can go and, above all, what impact this will have on the overriding (network) structures. The aggregation of local findings must be linked to geographical and temporal information, and to knowledge about existing networks, in order to gain more than general insights.

Projects in the area of Bottom-up Technology Assessment: