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Qualified staff and an outstanding infrastructure support the scientists in research and development projects as well as in challenging services.

Our laboratory offers a large range of tests on fresh and hardened concrete, cement, admixtures, additives, and aggregates. Tests for water conductivity, freeze-thaw, chlorid resistance, shrinkage, creep, etc. will be carried out according to SIA 262 / 1. We perform both, standard and non-standard tests and provide different types of measurements and analyses.

Physical and mechanical tests
Creep stands of loads up to 600 kN

In addition to tests on fresh and hardened concrete and mortar, we are skilled in gas- and water permeability tests, rheological measurements on cement paste, mortar and further tests since many years.

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Chemical and mineralogical tests
Ion chromatography

We maintain various analytical methods such as optical and electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, thermal analysis, zeta potential analysis, heat flow calorimetry, pore solution analysis by means of ion chromatography for providing help to answer your questions.

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World-class laboratory infrastructure

In our large laboratory we can perform both standard tests and specially tailored ones and we are able to perform all relevant measurements and tests. 

  • The most modern chemical analysis methods and efficient microscopy investigations
  • Fresh concrete controls
  • Consulting about problems in the areas of concrete, mortar, cement and admixtures
  • Cooperation in the elaboration of norms and guidelines within national and international professional organisations and standards committees
STS 338 accredited

Our test laboratory meets the highest quality standards and we are accredited in the following areas STS 0338



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