Electro-Bonded Laminates (EBLs)

Dielectric materials for variable stiffness elements (in cooperation with ETH IMES-ST)

The development of structures that can change their shape is a challenging task requiring structures acting as structural members and being compliant when the shape change is needed. The present project is aimed to use electrostatic fields to obtain a reversible lamination of a multilayer structure. Next to the selection of appropriate neat polymer dielectrics, the properties of multilayer polymer dielectrics are investigated and modeled.

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Morphing Airfoil with Adaptive Stiffness (in cooperation with ETH IMES-ST)

Extensive work has been done on airfoil concepts, actively adapting their shape based on elastic compliance instead of rigid-body motion. In this project adaptation mechanisms using stiffness control by means of adaptive materials are investigated. The focus of the project is set on the exploitation of adaptive strength/stiffness elements to realize structures with variable bending-twist coupling.

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Development of materials for friction based vibration mitigation (in cooperation with Empa-Structural Engineering Lab and ETH IMES-ST)

Distributed friction damping has been demonstrated to offer outstanding performance for lightweight, slender structures. The requirements set to materials used in electrostatically assisted friction based damping include ideally low activation potential, high resistance to wear and high coefficient of friction. Particle reinforced composite dielectrics hold the promise to offer appealing compromise properties for these applications.


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Piezoelectric materials

Robust Damping in the Concurrent Design of Adaptive Structures (in cooperation with ETH IMES-ST)

The project focuses on vibration damping using shunted piezoelectric devices. In particular we are addressing the fundamental question about the extent to which the additional degrees of freedom introduced in the design space can enhance the design while considering a conflict set of requirements. Furthermore, novel methods to modify the dynamic response of structures, based on the design of suitable structures materials are investigated.


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