Prof. Dr. Dominique Derome


Dominique Derome is presently head of Laboratory for Multiscale Studies in Building Physics at Empa. In Switzerland since 2008, she is leading projects combining advanced modelling and experimental methods to investigate the different impacts on moisture in porous materials. Previously she was associate professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, in the field on performance and durability of wood frame envelope systems. Her first degree is in Architecture (B.Arch. Univerisité de Montréal, 1987), after practicing for several years, she completed her graduate studies in Building Engineering (M.A.Sc. 1994, PhD 2000, Concordia University).

Research Interests
  • Multiscale approach: advanced experiments and computational modelling.
  • Coupled moisture and mechanical behavior of wood. Hysteresis.
  • Heat, air and mass transport in porous building materials and boundary conditions phenomena.
  • Hygrothermal performance and durability of wood-based building envelope systems.
  • Energy efficiency and low emission through measures on the building envelope.



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