Advanced Materials for Construction


Iron based shape memory alloy (Fe-SMA) for strengthening of reinforced concrete structures

A new iron based shape memory alloy (Fe-SMA) was developed at Empa. This alloy has the special property that it can be prestressed without any mechanical devices (oil hydraulic jacks etc.), offering several important advantages compared to conventional prestressing systems available on the market. The practical application of the alloy as near surface mounted reinforcement (NSMR) and as shotcrete reinforcement for strengthening of reinforced concrete in civil structures is investigated in collaboration with the industry partner re-fer ( ).

Contact: Dr. Christoph Czaderski, Dr. Benedikt Weber

Thermo-mechanical modeling
Gypsum is a popular building material with excellent behavior for fire protection . When heated above 120°C, part of the chemically bound water is released and evaporates. This endothermic process consumes a considerable amount of energy and acts effectively as a heat barrier. The goal of this project is to develop numerical models for complete dry-wall systems with steel studs and gypsum boards and to simulate their thermo-mechanical behavior during fire.
Contact: Dr. Benedikt Weber