Laboratory for Applied Wood Materials

Wood is Switzerland's only bio-based, renewable material resource. It is produced in local forests and characterized as CO2 neutral over the whole life cycle. A multifunctional resource, wood is used as material, energy resource and feedstock for chemicals and pharmaceutics. Due to its structural and chemical composition and the high natural variability in its properties, wood has complex material characteristics which need to be explored and taken into account to ensure reliable wood based products and processes. The wood laboratory combines in its research groups various functionalization technologies for the development of wood and cellulose based materials for a broad field of applications. Part of the developed materials will be demonstrated under real life conditions in the module Vision Wood in Empa's large scale project NEST.


Research groups:

  • Bio-inspired wood materials

  • Bio-engineered wood

  • Functional Cellulose Materials

  • Wood and surface technology


Development of functional wood and cellulose based materials


Activities / Research:

Planing and execution of research projects with national and international partners from academia and industry, funded by:

EU / SNF / COST / CTI / BAFU / Industry / Foundations



Consulting, characterisations, testing, expert's reports, damage analysis


Knowledge transfer:

University teaching at ETH Zurich and University Freiburg (G) / TU Graz (A)

Supervision and coaching of PhD, BSc and MSc studies

Scientific publications

Membership in national and international committees




Head Applied Wood Materials
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