NFC / MFC / CNC Composites

Green Steel

The project explores the development of an innovative, high-performance and sustainable natural fiber composite material made of bamboo for use in load-bearing components, structural elements and as a possible replacement for structural steel. The goal is a corrosion-free, low-cost, ultra-lightweight material based on renewable raw materials which production is associated with a negative CO2 balance and represents an innovation in the field of organic materials. Here the interdisciplinary projects between the ETH Department of Architecture and Construction, the Department of Applied Wood Materials (Empa) and industry (Rehau AG) guarantee the necessary expertise to provide high applicative research objectives. A first demonstration of applications of the technology is presently  in the NEST on the terrace of the Vision Wood module. (NEST)


ETH Zurich, Professur for Architecture and Construction
Assist. Prof. Dirk E. Hebel

REHAU AG & Co., Dr. Mateusz Wielopolski

Funding: Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI