Cellulose based Materials

Cellulose based systems for thermal insulation in buildings

The main objective of the project is the development of a modified cellulose material with thermal conductivity characteristic comparable to those of less eclogical insulation materials. If successful the market share of cellulose based insulating systems is expected to doble. The newly developed material would make it possible to get the material approved as insulator in multi-story wood constructions. Indeed from next year on, flammable materials will only be approved if a suitable non-toxic fire protection agent is used and if the material remains in the compartment without collapsing. This issue will play a crucial role especially in those buildings complying with ec-standards.

Contact:  / Dr. Thomas Geiger

Isofloc AG
Sergio Fräfel, Willi Senn

Funding: Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

Figure 1: recycled paper before (left) and after (right) the functionalization process which is aimed at improving the material performance under fire conditions. / Figure 2: sample for thermal conductivity measurement