The use of wood and wood products as building material strongly depends on their material, processing and use properties. The "WoodTec" research group combines methodological competence in wood technology, biochemistry and data science in order to to develop customized solutions for the timber and construction industries with special focus on weather protection and adhesive bonding technologies. 
Our activities range from biochemical wood surface modification and the development of innovative wood coatings and bonding approachs to the programing of machine learning optimization algorithms for the wood industry.
In addition to conducting applied research in close cooperation with the wood industry, our group offers consulting, testing and expert services and actively participates in teaching and training of students. 

Focus topics

Properties and utilization of native wood species (Dr. Mark Schubert)
Physical and mechanical properties of wood and wood products (wood quality, grading, drying) 
Properties and potential use of less-exploited (native) wood species or grades 
Improvement of wooden components and products 

Weathering protection (Tina Künniger)
Exposure tests / SLP
Moisture-related processes in (weather exposed) wooden components
Protective surface treatments of wood and wood products 
Functionalised wood surfaces and coatings 

Adhesive bonding (Martin Arnold)
Moisture and temperature resistance (reliability)
Application of coupling agents for the adhesive bonding of wood 
Effect of wood extractives on bond quality
Bond line integrity
Quality control (FPC)

Machine learning (Dr. Mark Schubert)
Development and programming of efficient machine learning algorithms to optimize wood products and processes in the wood industry. 

Biochemical wood functionalization (Dr. Mark Schubert)
Enzyme-assisted grafting of functional molecules onto the wood surface.
Combining functionalities of biomolecules (proteins/enzymes) with the structure of wood and wood-based materials.