Applied Wood Science and Technology

Group-leader: Oliver Kläusler

The core activity of the group "Applied Wood Science and Technology" is the wood related technology transfer from science into practice. 

New technological approaches have to go a long way before they can successfully be implemented into the environment of private enterprises. Moreover, this is just the first stage of a challenging process which finally leads to the market entry of a new product. 

We are dedicated to developing new concepts for coping with new wood related technological challenges. This also comprises the upscaling of innovative processes from lab scale to pilot scale as well as the accordant ramp-up support on-site. 

As a cornerstone of our work we foster a reliable cooperation with partners form private enterprises, scientific institutions, foundations and associations. This allows for providing essential expertise in all stages of the innovation process from basic ideas to final product optimizations. 


During this process several optimization loops should be taken into account since creative processes hardly ever go linear. This accounts for incremental innovations as well as for radical ones. However, the second and most important cornerstone of our group is the complementary experience of the group members in their specific fields.