VSS_2016/324 Characterization of Dynamic Interlayer Bond

The bond between the layers of an asphalt pavement is of importance for its durability and service life. In Switzerland the bond failure after construction is evaluated using the static Leutner test. The result of this test allows a comparison between different materials but is not suitable for characterizing the bond properties during the service life of a pavement. Since the dynamic test method developed in Germany has been adopted for European standardization the discussion of this method and a better characterization of the interlayer bond is of great importance. In the research project the interlayer bond between surface and binder courses according to Swiss standards will be evaluated using the dynamic method and compared to static testing. The aim is the improvement of this new method using comparative testing with other laboratories as well as the detailed evaluation of influencing parameters.

Starting date: 21.06.2017

End date: 30.06.2020


Additional information, first results


Figure 1: Dynamic shear device


Raab, C., Partl, M.N., Abd El Halim, O., & Ducasse, L. (2018). Assessment of interlayer bonding properties with dynamic testing (p. (7 pp.). Presented at the ISAP Conference 2018. Fortaleza, Brazil: International Society for Asphalt Pavement ISAP (2018)



Raab, C., Fourquet, E., El Halim, O.A., & Partl, M.N. (2018).

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