Urban Mining

This project aims to use a multi-disciplinary approach to advance our fundamental knowledge about low noise road surfaces and 1) Develop low noise pavements to improve comfort and health of urban dwellers focusing on noise mitigation. 2)  Target certain waste materials from the urban environment, for the purpose of producing low noise pavements. 3) Exploration of the noise reduction potential by modification of absorption and reflection properties of the surfaces that form urban street canyons and evaluation of the measures from a subjective point of view by auralization and listening tests.4) the results from 3) will be used to improve extend existing methods for noise health assessment in Life Cycle Impact Assessment, and the new models will be embedded into a full Life Cycle assessment of the new pavements.



Starting date: 2019

End date: 2022


Additional information, first results








Pellets (PEP) and shreds (PES) produced from polyethelene waste