Sealing Components

The focus area Sealing Components covers research, testing and consulting in the fields of:
  • Sealing systems made of flexible sheets for waterproofing based on polymer modified bitumen and liquid applied waterproofing kits
  • Hot applied joint sealants
  • Asphaltic plug joints
Empa has competent experts and high quality equipment for research, systems engineering, damage analysis and quality tests. With our wide expertise we develop new tests and apply existing ones. We are well equipped for system checks on asphaltic plug joints to scale 1:1, with the purpose of testing the behaviour in cold conditions or resistance to traffic load.
Research and Development
In Research and Development, we work closely with our clients and partners (Swiss Federal Roads Authority, Civil Engineering Offices and private companies). Some of our topics are:
  • Influence of material properties, of material composition, of system structures and mounting on the durability of objects
  • Development of new system generations for greater capacity
  • Elimination of flaws in existing systems
  • Check of existing or newly developed tests for long-term behaviour