Road Materials and Pavements

The focus area Road Materials and Pavements deals with bituminous pavement materials and pavement systems as well as bitumen and bitumen containing binders.


Engineering, material science and physical, chemical, mechanical problems are treated in dimension of preservation, preservation of structures, renovation, renewal and recycling in Road, Water and Bridge construction.

We offer tests according to standarised Swiss and European testing methods and we furnish expertises in the event of damage.

We also offer working in the field of material, resp. testing engineering design (e.g. asphalt reinforcement, simulation of traffic load under laboratory conditions, ageing behaviour).



We carry out tests for bitumen, polymer modified bitumen (PmB), joint sealants, binders for asphaltic plug joints etc.. Thanks to the participation in the European standardization CEN, our team is always up to date about the newest trends.

In addition to existing tests already standardized in Switzerland, new test methods are being developed and offered. Especially the examination of PmB with gel permeation chromatography (GPC) has to be pointed out. With this procedure a deterioration of polymers due to aging or overheating can be detected

For extensive rheological characterization of bituminous binders, various testing equipments like Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) and Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) are available.

Research and Development

In frame of Research and Development, a great number of questions are being processed:

  • Research and modelling of time and temperature related mechanical characteristics of bituminous pavements in regards to loading capacity, cracking and rutting performance.
  • Survey and description of adhesion performance of pavements
  • Evaluation of durability and long term performances of bituminous pavements in the laboratory
  • Development of new test and measurement methods for components and systems
  • Monitoring of existing pavements under traffic and long term observance
  • Mix design and optimisation (i. e. Porous asphalt,)
  • Hot and cold recycling of asphalt pavements